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To test out all of the amazing features of Geneious for yourself simply enter your details and we will send you a trial license key which will give you full access to Geneious for 14 days.

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Phylogenetic Tree Building

  • Build trees using the best peer-reviewed algorithms
  • Produce trees from any alignment in Geneious
  • Edit and decorate for publication

Sequence Assembly and Alignment

  • DNA and protein sequence alignment with a variety of alignment algorithms
  • De novo and genome sequence assembly and reference mapping

Comprehensive Molecular Cloning

  • Design primers
  • Simulate PCR and cloning operations in one step
  • Automatically annotate plasmid maps and expression vectors

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Fill out the form to request a trial licence key.
  2. Download and install the latest version of Geneious
  3. From the top Help menu in Geneious, select "Activate License..."
  4. Copy and paste the trial license information from the email that you have received.

Yes. the trial license allows you to use the full functionailty of Geneious for 14 days.

Geneious reverts to restricted mode when the trial license key has expired. In restricted mode you can view your data and import and export your files, however most other functions are disabled.

To continue using Geneious after the trial expires you will need to purchase a license