Using Geneious for Synthetic Biology Research

Powerful gene and protein analysis, intuitive workflows, beautiful visualizations

Simulate Gibson Assembly, TOPO Cloning and other cloning operations in one easy step.

We do in-silico cloning better than anyone around. Cloning operations are tracked so changes can be propagated automatically from parents to all descendants.

Extensively test your primers at your desktop before PCR.

Primer design in Geneious is powered by Primer3. Save on ordering new primers and get better yield without the tedium of repeated wet laboratory experiments.

Built in codon optimization

Find rare codons or produce a fully optimized sequence based on a target organism and remove unwanted restriction sites at the same time.

Immediate access to Golden Gate, Biobrick and other important restriction enzymes

Commercially available enzymes are already stored in Geneious! Drag and drop your important data, customize your restriction enzymes lists and display all of the enzymes on your linear or circular DNA fragment-all in real time.

Quickly visualize, edit and share plasmids

Geneious will automatically annotate plasmids. Edit your annotations in both the sequence view or annotation table and share your designs with your colleagues. You can also view restriction digests on realistic agarose gel simulations