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The Dotmatics digital science platform provides the first true end-to-end solution for scientific R&D, combining an enterprise data platform with the most widely used applications for data analysis, biologics, flow cytometry, chemicals innovation, and more.

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From Data to Discovery — Faster.

Geneious puts industry-leading bioinformatics, molecular biology and antibody discovery tools directly into researchers hands, streamlining sequence analysis and insights.

Meet the World’s Leading Bioinformatics Software

Geneious has all the molecular biology and sequence analysis tools your organization needs.
Whether you are looking to enhance productivity, increase visibility and insights, or reduce errors and risk — our software unlocks the value in your lab’s data.

Increase productivity

We believe researchers shouldn’t have to possess programming skills to uncover new scientific knowledge.

Geneious Prime makes bioinformatics accessible by providing an intuitive, user-friendly interface that transforms raw sequence data into meaningful visualizations.

Unlock The Value of Your Sequence Data

Geneious Prime and Geneious Biologics take away the pain of data management and computational complexity, allowing scientists to focus on their research.

Comprehensive Suite of Molecular Biology and Sequence Analysis Tools

Geneious Prime is packed with fundamental bioinformatics tools, including assembly, alignment, tree building, cloning, primer design, and variant analysis for Sanger and NGS sequence data.

Transform Your Antibody Discovery Pipeline with Geneious Biologics

Geneious Biologics provides advanced screening, analysis and visualizations for a wide range of antibody-like molecules, helping you to extract the maximum value from NGS, Single Cell, and Sanger datasets.

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Geneious Academy

Master Geneious and key concepts in molecular biology, bioinformatics and antibody discovery.

Watch videos and complete tutorials on all aspects of Geneious with FREE unlimited access to online courses.

Free Antibody Annotator Tool

Geneious Biologics provides a free online solution for annotation of IgG-like molecules allowing you to upload, analyze and visualize individual antibody sequences.

Discover what’s new in Geneious Prime 2024

Highlights include Cloning Validation improvements, a Map to Reference algorithm advisor, and De Novo Assembly improvements.

“Geneious is an absolutely beautiful package to work with. We love it and we are telling everyone about it.”
Charles Moore
Novartis Pharma AG, Switzerland
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