Streamlined microsatellite genotyping

This free Geneious plugin imports ABI fragment analysis files and allows you to visualize traces, fit ladders, call peaks, predict bins, display alleles in a tabular format and export your data for further analysis.

Take control and easily resolve problems with dirty data

Good data? Automatic curve-fitting, peak finding and bin calling to quickly discover your allele frequencies

Dirty data? Manually adjust curves, peaks, ladders and bins with full control to call even the most challenging alleles

Elegant allele table view and easy CSV format export

View results in the Alleles Table viewer and export your alleles, peak calls and bins to Excel for further analysis.

Seamlessly synchronize cloning and primer design experiments

Keep your primer and PCR experiment designs, results and annotations together with fragment analysis results. Geneious Prime integrates the industry leading Primer3 primer design program and you can complete a workflow for cloning.


Tutorial- Microsatellite

Interactive tutorial teaching how to use the Microsatellite plugin for Geneious to fit a ladder, call peaks, bin alleles and produce a table of genotypes.


Plugin – Microsatellite

Download the Microsatellite plugin for Geneious for streamlined microsatellite genotyping