Pricing - Students

Discounted Geneious Prime plan for an individual enrolled in an active degree program

Student Personal Plan

A student license is issued to, and owned by, an individual enrolled in an active degree program. Student licenses can only be purchased by credit card through the Geneious website, and the license information sent to the student’s email address.

1 Year


All pricing is in US Dollars, and excludes local taxes that may apply.
US Tax Exempt Customers – Email after purchase with tax exempt form and order number to receive tax refund
Full terms can be found in the license agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I renew my subscription plan?

  • Select your new plan above
  • Fill in your payment details
  • Check the “Is this a subscription renewal?’ box
  • Enter the start date for your new subscription (the day after your current expiry date)

What happens when my subscription plan expires?

Geneious Prime reverts to restricted mode when the subscription has expired. In restricted mode you can view your data and import and export your files, however most other functions are disabled.

Am I eligible for student pricing?

Students currently enrolled in undergraduate or postgraduate degrees can use student licenses. A student license can only be owned by an individual as opposed to a University department.

How do I buy a student plan?

Geneious Prime student subscription plans can only be purchased online with a credit card from our Pricing page. You cannot purchase a student plan with a Purchase Order (PO).

Can I purchase a plan for my student?

Student plans are only for those people undergoing education. A non-commercial plan must be purchased if the student belongs to a lab.

Can I use Geneious Prime on multiple computers?

You can install and activate Geneious Prime on up to three of your computers, e.g. at your home and school, although it will only work on one at a time.

Do student plans give access to all Geneious Prime features?

Yes, the student plan allows you to use the full functionality of Geneious Prime.