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NGS is Accelerating Therapeutic Antibody Discovery – What Lies Beyond?

With NGS already in play or on the roadmap for many companies involved in therapeutic antibody R&D, this eBook explains why a cloud-based bioinformatics platform is needed to extract maximum value from NGS data. Download to learn how Geneious Biologics software allows users to take command of their NGS data, enhance speed and accuracy during discovery, protect valuable intellectual property (IP) and predict therapeutic antibody breakthroughs of the future.

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White Paper: Powerful Bioinformatic Support for Specialized Therapeutic Antibody Discovery

The ability to handle different date types such as NGS data or Sanger sequencing data, as well as numerical data coming from various functional assays, is key when it comes to analysis of antibody and antibody-like molecules.

Download the white paper to see how you can achieve effective sequence analysis across biologic drug development.

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Geneious Biologics NGS Features

Geneious Biologics has the power to analyze millions of NGS raw antibody sequences in minutes. The software lets users preview, annotate and compare NGS sequences with no manual intervention.

Download the NGS feature sheet to see how you can drastically improve analysis of large-scale next-generation sequencing (NGS) datasets.

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Bicycle Therapeutics Case Study

Bicycle Therapeutics is pioneering first-in-class therapeutics to treat cancer and other debilitating diseases based on its proprietary bicyclic peptides platform.

Learn how Bicycle Therapeutics has implemented Geneious Biologics to support its growth from innovative biotech start-up into a full-fledged, integrated pharmaceutical company.

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White Paper: Why Scalable Cloud Data Platforms are the Future of Biologic Drug Development

In this white paper Biomatters President Brett Ammundsen (PhD) discusses how a scalable cloud computing data platform that combines data management with scientific and data analysis workflows can drive competitive advantage and ultimately ensure the availability of more effective and safe antibody drugs for patients.

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Ensuring Data Security in the Cloud

Geneious Biologics is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivered through the Cloud. This document outlines measures put in place by Geneious Biologics to maintain the highest possible security standards for users’ mission critical data.

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Geneious Biologics Brochure

Antibody therapeutic development is becoming faster and more data-driven. The ability to integrate data and collaborate across discovery, pre-clinical and clinical development of biologic drugs is essential for modern day success.

Download the brochure to learn how Geneious Biologics delivers unprecedented power in accelerating precision antibody discovery.

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Geneious Biologics Feature Sheet

Geneious Biologics is an enterprise cloud software solution for screening antibodies and antibody-like molecules. All functionality is delivered via a modern, easy to use web interface.

Download the feature sheet to learn how Geneious Biologics can enhance your workflow.

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