Customer Success

Enterprises involved in therapeutic antibody R&D are choosing Geneious Biologics to screen and manage their antibody sequence data, transforming data management and significantly speeding up candidate selection.

“The Geneious team has done an excellent job accommodating our specific data, resulting in a streamlined, high-throughput workflow that produces accurate data and operates efficiently without the need to integrate multiple bioinformatics platforms. We look forward to continuously improving the platform and its integration into our workflow to combine sequence analytics with metadata and assay data to accelerate candidate selection.”

Dr. Colby Souders, Chief Technology Officer at Abveris

Abveris is a premium Boston-area contract research organization specializing in antibody discovery. Abveris partners with large and small biopharmaceutical companies to discover novel therapeutic products and critical reagent antibodies using diverse platforms. Additional information about Abveris is available at

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“IONTAS has used the Geneious Biologics platform in the development of bespoke fusion molecules and a novel antibody-like scaffold. Geneious Biologics’ flexibility lets us run detailed analysis on these unique, proprietary therapeutic candidates. The platform has been widely adopted within IONTAS and provides the tools to automate many previously manual and time-consuming aspects of sequence analysis. It has significantly improved the way we do sequence analysis and has facilitated the adoption of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) methods.”

Aneesh Karatt-Vellatt, Group Leader at IONTAS (KnotBodyTM drug discovery)

“We are processing increasingly larger sets of antibody sequences. Geneious Biologics allows us to drill into huge antibody sequence sets and quickly identify where errors lie and inspect bad clones. This will ensure we return the most effective, stable therapeutic antibody candidates to our clients, faster.”

Daniela Teixeira, COO at FairJourney Biologics

FairJourney Biologics is one of the leading antibody discovery, engineering and production CROs in the world. More information:

Often you have to shoehorn a software solution into your process, the adaptability of Geneious Biologics was something we liked a lot. Once we knew what we could do with Geneious Biologics there was no other viable option.
Liuhong Chen, Ph.D.Discovery Biology Team Leader at Bicycle Therapeutics