Geneious Prime 2021 Beta Download

Some important details…

The beta version of Geneious Prime 2021 has been made available before the official release for testing purposes only. It contains the majority of new features for Geneious Prime 2021 but hasn’t been through our full quality assurance process.

Customers with an active subscription plan can use the beta version until the full update of Geneious Prime 2021 is released.

Updates include a redesigned user interface, new CRISPR scoring algorithm ‘Doensch et al 2016’, methylation information for restriction sites, and improved Vector NTI/Genbank imports. Please read the release notes for full details of new features and functionality.

Want to Know More?

Download the beta version and discover new features for yourself, or keep your eye out for the official release of Geneious Prime 2021 later in the year when we will unveil the full list of new and improved features.