Vector NTI Database Importer

Simple drag and drop of Vector NTI databases into Geneious Prime

Simply drag and drop your Vector NTI database and get to work

Geneious Prime has a dedicated importer for Vector NTI Express and Advance databases which preserves metadata, full database structure including subsets, and lineage information, so your files will be organized in Geneious in the same way they were in Vector NTI.

Geneious has you covered

  • Annotate plasmid features and restriction enzymes in just a few clicks
  • Add primers directly in the sequence view
  • Quickly design virtual clones
  • Validate inserts with Sanger sequencing primers
More Geneious Prime Features

Analysis and Annotation – Trim, assemble, annotate and view Sanger sequencing trace files

Molecular Cloning – View plasmid maps, automatically annotate vectors, find restriction sites; digest, ligate, and perform Golden Gate, Gibson, and Gateway cloning.

Primer Design – Design PCR and sequencing primers directly on alignments and assemblies in the Geneious sequence viewer.

Import Data – Import and convert common file types as well as their annotations and notes with a simple drag and drop

I really like your program. I first got it to make alignment and trees of my sequences and it works well for those purposes. But it was a real lifesaver a few weeks ago when I lost my academic license to Vector NTI and couldn’t access any of my plasmids!! But I noticed I could import my database into Geneious and I was back in business.  
Dr. Paula WelanderBroad Institute of MIT and Harvard