Free Online Antibody Sequence Analysis with Geneious Biologics

Auckland, NZ – Geneious Biologics would like to announce the launch of a free plan for the annotation, characterization and visualization of individual antibodies.

The free online antibody sequence analysis tool enables you to experience the power of Geneious Biologics antibody annotation first hand:

  • Annotate variable regions of IgG-like molecules
  • Identify closest germline gene matches
  • Explore interactive and intuitive visualizations
  • Export sequences, images and tables

Start analyzing your antibody sequences today by signing up at

Learn more about Geneious Biologics and the features in the free online antibody sequence analysis tool.

About Geneious Biologics

Geneious Biologics is the industry’s leading cloud-based antibody discovery solution providing advanced analytics and intuitive visualizations for a wide range of antibody-like molecules, helping you to extract the maximum value from NGS, Single Cell, and Sanger datasets. The newly launched free version of Geneious Biologics has a separate login and stripped back interface for ease of use when annotating, characterizing and visualizing individual antibodies. The premium version of Geneious Biologics offers many more features for high throughput datasets, advanced analysis of results, incorporation of additional data, and collaboration throughout your organization.