14-Day Free Trial

To test out all of the features simply enter your details and we will send you a license key, giving you full access to Geneious Prime for 14 days.

Unlock the value in sequence data

What’s included in your free trial:

  • Access to full functionality of Geneious Prime for 14 days
  • Tutorials, help guides and a comprehensive knowledge base
  • Technical support from our applications scientists
  • Easy drag and drop to import your data

Comprehensive suite of sequence analysis tools:

  • Molecular cloning and primer design
  • NGS pre-processing and analysis
  • Data management and collaboration
  • Mapping and de novo assembly
  • Sequence alignment
  • Searching and BLAST
  • Variant calling and expression analysis
  • Microsatellite analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the free trial work?

Geneious Prime is downloadable desktop software that is activated by a license key. Request a trial license key above and download Geneious Prime on to your computer. You will be prompted to enter your license key when opening Geneious Prime. Your trial will last 14 days from the time you activate the license key.

What happens when the trial runs out?

Geneious Prime will convert to restricted mode where you will be able to import and export your data but will not be able to carry out further analysis.

How do I import my data?

Geneious Prime has a simple drag and drop interface to be able to load your data quickly and efficiently. The first time you open Geneious a tutorial will show you how to get started importing and organizing your data.

Is there any form of help available? How will I know what to do?

There are tutorials, a manual and help sections accessible from within Geneious Prime to give tips and information on all of the different options and features. The Geneious Prime Support Site also contains forums, a knowledge base and access to our support scientists.

What if I don’t have any sequence data for some of the features I want to test?

Geneious Prime comes pre-loaded with some reference genomes, alignments, plasmids etc so you can test out the functionality. There are also interactive tutorials available that use provided sequence data to take you through many important workflows and experimental processes.

What will happen to the analysis I did during the trial period?

Your data and analysis will stay within Geneious Prime and will be available for export and viewing without a license key. After you purchase a license you will be able to reactivate the software and continue working.