Rolling Out Geneious Prime

How to successfully roll Geneious Prime out to the rest of your institute

Introducing new software across a department or institution can appear daunting, but taking the time to consider the journey, obstacles and milestones will make for a successful rollout. This resource contains advice from real Geneious Prime customers who have been through the process and achieved success.

Define the ‘why’

Get a clear understanding of the need for Geneious Prime. Are people spending too much time finding files they need? Is the current system out of date? Has there been an increase in the amount of sequence analysis needed? Is there a new cloning technique to design? Communicating the reasons for the change will help to define the rollout, expected results, and will start to engage stakeholders.

Action Point – Describe the reasons for change in one or two sentences

Consider personalities

To bring in a new solution is to innovate. People’s willingness to adopt new solutions is well studied and has been adapted into a diagram called the Diffusion of Innovation model. When considering the stakeholders it can be helpful to predict whether individuals will be keen to take on a new software immediately or whether they will only use it once others have. This model can also help to get a picture of how long the project may take to be fully implemented.

Action Point – List all the stakeholders in the project

Assess criteria

A clear list of requirements is an essential part of any software change. Taking the time to list exactly what people need from a software forms a checklist that everyone can agree on. Ask users to describe how they use tools and why they do it in their particular way as this will also help them to engage with the change.

Action Point – Canvas the team and generate a list of requirements

Estimate license requirements

It’s common for institutions to have a mix of users on a platform. Some people will use it all day every day, others will only occasionally need it. Getting a picture of the usage in the early stage of the roll out will ensure that people will be able to access Geneious Prime when they need. The Geneious sales team can provide guidelines as to how to to structure a license plan and send a quote.

Action Point – Estimate usage and request a quote

Extra tips

Set a deadline
Deadlines are a great motivator for people and projects. A deadline can be set by an external reason such as old software not being supported. Or it could be timed alongside other significant projects occurring within the organization.

Use Geneious data in meetings
Increase the visibility of Geneious Prime by using screenshots in presentations. People will start to ask how they were created, encouraging people who fall into the early or late majority, to imagine how they can adopt Geneious Prime into their own work.

Book a training session
Talk to the Geneious team about a customized training session. This can really help to get a team up and running quickly. We can offer personalized webinars, or come to you depending on requirements.