Fast phylogenetic tree building of huge datasets

FastTree Plugin

FastTree infers approximately-maximum-likelihood phylogenetic trees from alignments of nucleotide or protein sequences. FastTree can handle alignments with up to a million of sequences in a reasonable amount of time and memory.

Quick Start

Install the plugin by downloading the gplugin file and dragging it in to Geneious or use the plugin manager in Geneious (under Tools - Plugins in the menu).

Once installed, run the plugin by selecting a multiple sequence alignment and clicking on Tree in the toolbar. FastTree is available as an option at the top of the Tree building options window.


2.1.12 (08 Aug 2019) – Download

– Contains 64-bit builds of FastTree

1.0 (02 Sep 2013) – Download for Geneious 7.0


Price, M.N., Dehal, P.S., and Arkin, A.P. (2009) FastTree: Computing Large Minimum-Evolution Trees with Profiles instead of a Distance Matrix. Molecular Biology and Evolution 26:1641-1650, doi:10.1093/molbev/msp077.


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