Fast phylogenetic tree building of huge datasets

Requires Geneious 7.0+

    FastTree infers approximately-maximum-likelihood phylogenetic trees from alignments of nucleotide or protein sequences. FastTree can handle alignments with up to a million of sequences in a reasonable amount of time and memory.

    Install the plugin by downloading the gplugin file and dragging it in to Geneious or use the plugin manager in Geneious (under Tools - Plugins in the menu).

    Once installed, run the plugin by selecting a multiple sequence alignment and clicking on Tree in the toolbar. FastTree is available as an option at the top of the Tree building options window.

    2.1.12 (08 Aug 2019) – Download

    – Contains 64-bit builds of FastTree

    1.0 (02 Sep 2013) – Download for Geneious 7.0

    Price, M.N., Dehal, P.S., and Arkin, A.P. (2009) FastTree: Computing Large Minimum-Evolution Trees with Profiles instead of a Distance Matrix. Molecular Biology and Evolution 26:1641-1650, doi:10.1093/molbev/msp077.