Find Big Folders

List the size of all folders in your local database

Requires Geneious 7.1+

  • Experimental
A workflow that scans through every folder in your local database then lists the total amount of data in each one. This is useful if your database is getting quite big and you want to find folders that contain the largest documents that can be cleaned up.

Download the geneiousWorkflow from above then drag it in to Geneious to install.

Once installed, select any document in your database (do not select a folder from the sources list) then select Tools - Workflows - Find Big Folders from the menu. The operation may take a long time to run on big database so be patient, you can continue working at the same time. Once complete, a dialog will be displayed with all folders sorted by their size.

0.0.2 (09 Sep 2014) – Download for Geneious 7.1