GenBank Submission

Simplified submission of sequences, genomes, features, primers and traces.

Download plugin
Requires Geneious 6.1+

    The Genbank Submission Plugin allows you to upload your sequences directly to Genbank from within Geneious, retaining the annotations and features that will appear on the Genbank record.

    Install the plugin by downloading the gplugin file and dragging it in to Geneious or use the plugin manager in Geneious (under Tools - Plugins in the menu).

    Once installed, run the plugin by selecting your sequences for submission and choosing Tools - Submit to Genbank from the menu. Click on the help buttons inside the options for further assistance.

    1.6.5 (20 Sep 2016) – Download

    – Fixed bug causing submission to set molecule type to be “Genomic DNA” when choosing “Genomic RNA”, “Ribosomal RNA” or ” Transfer RNA”
    – GenBank submission now attempts to replace non-ascii character with equivalent ascii characters before submission
    – Will now submit existing LIMS sequences from reference assemblies generated by the Biocode LIMS plugin instead of generating new consensus sequences
    – Now correctly warns that alignments built from sequence lists are unsupported
    – Now warns if trying to submit a contig with too many reads
    – Remove “Split into separate sequences around ‘?’ calls” consensus option to prevent crashes that occured when using it
    – Improved help button in GenBank Submission options for mac.
    – Now correctly allows non-mitochondrial genetic location when genetic code is set to “Candidate Division SR1 and Gracilibacteria Code” (translation table 25)
    – Updated for the NCBI’s transition to HTTPS (

    1.3.0 (28 Feb 2012) – Download for Geneious 5.5

    – Improved user interface
    – Improved support for annotation types (e.g. support for RNA Editing)
    – Improved pre-submission error checking