Built-in bioinformatic workflows using a clear graphic user interface. Easily create and share workflows based on your data and analysis.

Create and share

Manage your procedures and operations and run them over and over again. Try some of the built-in workflows or design your own and share them with your lab.

Cloning Workflows

Automate your cloning procedures or perform high-throughput batch cloning including Restriction Cloning, Gibson Assembly and Golden Gate.

All included in one purchase

Workflows are built in to Geneious Prime

Creating Workflows in Geneious Prime


Download a free trial and one of our tutorials to get to grips with the functionality of Geneious Prime interactively.

Tutorial – Creating Workflows

Learn how to use Workflows to automate your analyses. In this tutorial you will learn how to set up a workflow starting from raw Sanger sequences and ending with a phylogenetic tree in a pipeline that includes several steps.