Getting Started

Welcome to Geneious! Below you will find all the information you need to begin using the amazing features available to you in Geneious Prime. You are going to love it.

Getting Started With Geneious Prime

Watch the walk through of the basic functions of Geneious Prime so you can easily start importing your sequences, organizing your files, installing plugins and performing alignments.


Interactive tutorials are available to walk you through Geneious Prime showing you various features and functions. The tutorials can be downloaded from the tutorials section and include real data from real research.

A helpful overview tutorial of the main features of Geneious Prime is already installed in the help section of the program and you will be prompted to view this when first logging in.

Support Site

Comprehensive support is offered through our support site. Here you can contact our scientific support team for issues, help and training, browse through the most frequently asked technical questions and join the customer forums to talk to other users.

Tips and Tricks

Geneious Prime has many exciting, though sometimes hard to find, tools, functions and shortcuts and a wide variety of features. A new tip will be displayed every time you open Geneious Prime and you can click the ‘?’ at any time to get help on a function or to receive handy hints and info. The tips and tricks page has a great list of tips to get you started.


Some Geneious Prime features are available as plugins and are not automatically installed in Geneious Prime (eg, Sequence Classifier, MAFFT aligner, Genbank submission, MrBayes and other tree builders).

Geneious Prime plugins can be installed via the plugins menu in Geneious Prime (Tools → Plugins) or can be downloaded from the plugins page.


An online, searchable manual provides more detailed coverage of all functions. Find information on settings, menus and options and browse the complete list of features.