Product Tours and Tutorials

Videos demonstrating how to use the various tools in Geneious Prime.

Geneious Prime Tour Video – See Geneious Prime in Action

What’s New in Geneious Prime 2021

Getting started with Geneious Prime

How to Assemble Coronavirus Genomes

Sanger Sequencing – Introduction to Sequencing Analysis

Sanger Sequencing – How to Find Variants

Introduction to Multiple Sequence Alignments

Introduction to Phylogenetic Tree Building

Map to Reference

Map to Reference – Explore Contig Documents

De Novo Assembly of NGS Reads

Circular De Novo Assembly

Aligning Bacterial Genomes with Mauve

Amplicon Metagenomic Analysis

Automated workflows

Importing from Vector NTI, shared database, cloning and primer design

Automatic annotation of sequences

Compare annotations