A powerful and comprehensive suite of molecular biology and NGS analysis tools.

First released in 2005, Geneious is one the world’s leading bioinformatics software platforms, used by over 3,000 universities and institutes and commercial companies in more than 100 countries.

Geneious is used by all 20 of the top 20 universities globally (Times Higher Education, 2016) and by 16 of the 20 largest pharmaceutical companies.

Geneious Biologics

A next-generation cloud solution purpose-built for commercial antibody discovery and screening.

Geneious Biologics has been specifically designed and purpose-built, in collaboration with industry partners, as an enterprise solution for commercial antibody discovery and screening. The platform is flexible and customizable to integrate with specific customer data requirements and workflows.

Delivered through a modern intuitive, user-friendly web interface, the platform provides a fully managed data platform and informatics system in a secure cloud computing infrastructure. The architecture of the software delivers scalable data management and computation, enabling organizations to increase their process efficiencies and thus accelerate their drug discovery.

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