Get Ahead with Geneious Solutions

Geneious solutions are used all over the world. Small biotech start-ups, large pharmaceutical organizations, niche academic groups and everyone in between use Geneious to optimize sequence data management, encourage consistency and collaboration, and speed up analysis.

Geneious Prime - Orange and White

Molecular Biology and Sequence Analysis Tools

Geneious Prime is packed with fundamental molecular biology and sequence analysis tools, including alignment, annotation, BLAST, tree building, cloning and primer design. The intuitive, user-friendly interface, simple drag-and-drop data import, and comprehensive support will have you up and running quickly.

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Geneious Biologics Software

Antibody Discovery Software

Enterprises involved in therapeutic antibody R&D are choosing Geneious Biologics to screen and manage their antibody sequence data in the cloud, transforming data management and significantly speeding up candidate selection.

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