Upgrade to Geneious R10

Upgrade to R10 from August 15, 2017 and receive R11 free when released in October.

R10 Upgrade Options

Upgrade options are available to existing perpetual license holders for 50% of the perpetual version-only list price.

Option 1 – Perpetual R10 License

Upgrade to Geneious R10 with a new perpetual version-only license.

Option 2 – 21-Month Subscription Plan

Switch to subscription and receive a 21-month subscription license.

Option 3 – 3-Year Subscription Plan

Switch to a 3-year subscription license. Contact us to receive special pricing for this option.

What’s new in Geneious R10?

Alignment Masking For Better Trees

  • Mask unreliable alignment sites without deleting data
  • Manage alignment masks using annotation tracks
  • Mask sites according to user defined ranges

Next Generation Sequencing

  • Chimera filtering using UCHIME or USEARCH
  • New workflow to Apply Variants and build SNP trees
  • Better structural variant mapping and long read assembly

Smarter Restriction Cloning

  • Completely redesigned to be simpler and more powerful
  • Automatic identification of compatible cut sites
  • Digest and ligate with drag and drop ordering of fragments

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by new version?

Approximately once a year, a new Geneious version (eg. R11) is released which has new features and functionality. If you do not have a valid subscription you must purchase an upgrade to use a new version. To see all the new features in R10 please visit the What’s New Page.

What is the cost of an upgrade?

All upgrade options (apart from the 3-year subscription license) are available for 50% of the perpetual R10 license. Current pricing for your licensing option can be found on the Pricing Page.

What’s the difference between perpetual and subscription licenses?

A subscription license ensures you are always current. You receive new versions (upgrades), updates and comprehensive support for the entire subscription period. Subscriptions are usually the most cost effective and flexible choice. A perpetual version-only license will only give you updates to the version that you purchased while it is in support (about 2 years).