Using Geneious for agricultural genomics and research into plant and crop genetics

Geneious helps you to make sense of genomic data by giving you the tools to analyze the results from any sequencing technology.

Locate polymorphisms with multiple alignment

Align multiple genomes using Muscle or MAFFT

BLAST and download homologous sequences alongside your own data

Directly download fully annotated reference genomes.

Identify novel bacterial strains using de-novo assembly

Assemble short reads with Velvet. Filter sequences based on length to remove sequences that are too short after trimming.

Visualize host and virus species interaction with phylogenetic trees

Select your species and choose your alignment method, then build a phylogenetic tree based on your alignment.

Design cloning PCR experiments

One-step in-silico molecular cloning and PCR operations. Design primers for areas of interest using Primer3.


Download a free trial and one of our tutorials to get to grips with the functionality of Geneious interactively.

Tutorial- Plant Molecular Evolution

Annotate plant DNA sequences using BLAST and multiple alignment, then learn how to read a phylogenetic tree to explore genetic distance. 

Tutorial- De Novo Assembly

Learn how to perform a de novo assembly of short read NGS data, how to work with paired-end data and check quality of an assembly against a reference sequence. 

Tutorial - BLAST Searching

Learn how to BLAST your sequence against Genbank or custom databases to find similar sequences.