Powerful Tools for Antibody Sequence Analysis

Geneious Biologics provides intuitive visualization tools and advanced analytics capabilities that help you extract detailed, precise antibody sequence information. Screen, investigate, and compare your analysis results and upload and manage experiment data.

Analyse Sequences

  • Efficiently analyse Sanger and NGS datasets
  • Annotate CDR/FR Regions from germline or custom databases
  • Highlight sequence features, assets, and liabilities
  • Annotate various antibody types including mAb, Fab, scFv, VHH, TCR, and VH/ VL pairs
NGS Data Analysis

Identify Statistical Trends

  • Cluster sequences by regions or custom combinations
  • Identify dominant clones
  • Group functionally similar sequences
  • Compare frequencies across samples
Filtering and Clustering

Visualize and Discover

  • Integrate assay data
  • Search and filter using powerful queries
  • View interactive graphs, trees, and alignments
  • Build reports with tables, graphs and comments

Manage Data

  • Collaborate with team members and share results
  • Search for sequences in a central database
  • Import and export data seamlessly
  • Access a secure and reliable cloud computing platform
Data Security

Highly Configurable

Connect important in-house tools, including LIMS, to Geneious Biologics. Directly share files with Geneious Prime.

Geneious Prime