Enhance Your Workflow with Geneious Biologics Antibody Sequencing Tools

Geneious Biologics provides intuitive visualization tools and advanced analytics capabilities that help you extract detailed, precise antibody sequence information. Screen, investigate, and compare your analysis results and upload and manage experiment data. With Geneious Biologics software, you can configure experiments to suit your needs and workflows.

Manage and Process NGS Data

  • Analyze millions of NGS raw antibody sequences in seconds. Preview, annotate, and compare NGS sequences, with no manual intervention.
  • Compare NGS datasets, plot germline diversity, and region frequency. Inspect individual sequences in large datasets using Geneious’ intuitive sequence viewer.
  • Spot high-level trends in large scale antibody NGS datasets. Drill down into individual sequences.

Run Sequence Analysis

  • Extract detailed, precise antibody sequence information. Visualize results with the powerful web-based sequence viewer.
  • Automatically identify bad sequencing reads and out-of-frame regions. Automatically detect sequence errors to improve the accuracy of your experiments. Cluster and run statistical analysis on defined regions.
  • Analyze human, mouse, rat, and rabbit germlines. Annotate frameworks, CDRs, and conserved AAs. Define constant domains and other user regions. Pair VH/VL sequences.

Screen and Investigate Results

  • Compare your analysis results against your library of different experiment sequence and assay information.
  • Advanced filtering and query language allows quick and accurate identification of best-performing antibodies.
  • Add functional assay data to enhance the selection of high affinity binding antibodies.

Upload and Manage Experiment Data

  • An advanced application programming interface (API) enables integration with your organization’s established data systems.
  • Import data from a wide variety of sources and associate it with your sequence data to identify best performing molecules. Direct upload from third-party data formats, such as GenBank and Excel.
  • Assign permissions for data sharing and collaboration across your entire organization. Share data and experiment summaries, while managing users and group access in a highly secure environment. Create workspaces, folders, and experiment navigation.

Configure Experiments

  • Configure experiments for mAbs, scFv, VHH, and other types of antibodies and antibody-like molecules. Define and extract information from the part of the antibody sequence in which you are interested.
  • Validate for expected annotations. Add your own notes to describe sequence and clone data.
  • Customize analysis reports. Create primer sets and deploy search tools. Customize and configure antibody reference databases (BLAST).

Download to Geneious Prime and Excel

  • Integrate with external systems for the easy and safe export of antibody sequence data to the next stage of your work flow.
  • Integrate seamlessly with Geneious Prime. Download files and tables to Excel.

“Working with Geneious Biologics to apply this application to the analysis of our unique data sets has been enabling for Bicycle Therapeutics and I can see how this could drastically improve speed and accuracy in other areas of drug development.”

– Michael Skynner, Ph.D., Vice President of Operations at Bicycle Therapeutics