Powerful Tools for Antibody Sequence Annotation and Analysis

The power behind precision antibody discovery

Geneious Biologics is a flexible, scalable, and secure way to streamline your antibody analysis workflows, create high-quality libraries and select the optimal therapeutic candidates.

Annotate and Analyze

  • Efficiently analyze Sanger and NGS datasets
  • Annotate CDR/FR Regions from germline or custom databases
  • Highlight sequence features, assets, and liabilities
  • Annotate various antibody types including mAb, Fab, scFv, VHH, TCR, and VH/ VL pairs
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Identify Statistical Trends

  • Cluster sequences by regions or clonotype
  • Identify dominant clones
  • Group functionally similar sequences
  • Compare frequencies across samples
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Visualize and Discover

  • Integrate assay data
  • Search and filter using powerful queries
  • View interactive graphs, trees, and alignments
  • Build reports with tables, graphs and comments

Manage Data

  • Collaborate with team members and share results
  • Search for sequences in a central database
  • Import and export data seamlessly
  • Access a secure and reliable cloud computing platform
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Highly Configurable

  • Connect important in-house tools, including LIMS, to Geneious Biologics
  • Directly share files with Geneious Prime

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