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Geneious software applications enable scientists to work with the DNA at the core of their research.

Geneious Prime

First released in 2005, Geneious Prime is the world’s leading bioinformatics software platform used by over 4,000 universities, institutes and companies in 125 countries. Geneious is used by 99 of the top 100 universities globally (Times Higher Education) and by 16 of the 20 largest pharmaceutical companies.

“We bought Geneious to work with Illumina datasets, and were delighted in its power and intuitive interface. Finally we have an integrated system at an affordable price for all our DNA sequence analysis needs. Thanks, Geneious.”
Matthew Cabeen
Harvard University

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Learn how the bioinformatics tools in Geneious Prime are used to discover and understand new materials at the molecular level, supporting Checkerspot’s mission to expand the palette of molecular building blocks for high performance, sustainable products.
Discover how Dr. Laura Boykin and the Cassava Virus Action Project used Geneious Prime on a remote farm in Africa to perform DNA sequencing, from extraction through analysis, on a blanket in the field.

Geneious Biologics

Enterprises involved in therapeutic antibody R&D are choosing Geneious Biologics to screen and manage their antibody sequence data, transforming data management and significantly speeding up candidate selection.

“The real power of Geneious Biologics is its superb flexibility that enables the development of bespoke workflows for data processing and analysis.”
Dr. Arkadiusz Oleksy
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