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The world’s leading bioinformatics software platform

Geneious Prime - Orange and White

Academic and Government Research

Students, academics, and government professionals use the molecular biology and sequence analysis tools in Geneious Prime in a multitude of research disciplines, due to the comprehensive nature of its operations.

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Geneious Prime - Orange and White

Commercial Life Sciences

Organizations working in a wide range of sectors such as biotech, diagnostics, and agroscience use the comprehensive suite of molecular biology and sequence analysis tools in Geneious Prime to improve the efficiency of teams and unlock the value of sequence data.

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Geneious Biologics Software

Biopharmaceutical Drug Discovery

Enterprises involved in therapeutic antibody R&D are choosing Geneious Biologics to screen and manage their antibody sequence data in the cloud, transforming data management and significantly speeding up candidate selection.

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A History of Helping Scientists Innovate

“We created Geneious tools because we didn’t want our bright scientific minds spending 80 percent of their time doing basic data management. So we thought, if we can take away the pain and complexity of data computation and allow them to focus on what they’re really good at – which is understanding what that data means to uncover new scientific knowledge – then we’ve done our job.”

— Brett Ammundsen, Chief Executive Officer