Beautiful genome browser, reference mapping and sequence assembly

No more struggling with confusing online browsers- sequence assembly and reference mapping follow the same steps. Be confident your assemblies are using finely tuned algorithms and enjoy using a clear graphical interface.

Reliable reference mapping

The exclusive Geneious Read mapper produces superior results when compared to other popular mapping algorithms and because its performed within one framework, all your data remains in one place.

De Novo and genome sequence assembly

The Geneious Assembler is flexible enough to handle read errors consisting of either incorrect bases or short indels. It can handle data from any type of sequencing machine with reads of any length, including paired-reads and mixtures of reads from different sequencing machines.

  • Choose your preferred assembly method according to time and accuracy.
  • Trim ends of contigs for better quality
  • Save an assembly report
  • Specify minimum overlap and overlap identity
  • Select the Velvet plugin for de novo assembly of very short reads.

Desktop NGS and data friendly

Whatever your data, Geneious can assemble it. Assemble any mixture of 454, Sanger, SOLiD and Illumina data all at once. Got paired-end data with different spacer sizes? Got chromatograms from sanger sequencing? You’re covered.

Plus, after importing into Geneious, arbitrarily large documents such as raw NGS reads or contig assemblies can be read off disk, for the ultimate in speed of genome browsing.

Mapping, Coverage and Variant Calling using Geneious


Download a free trial and one of our tutorials to get to grips with the functionality of Geneious interactively.

Tutorial- De Novo Assembly

Learn how to perform a de novo assembly of short read NGS data, how to work with paired-end data and check quality of an assembly against a reference sequence.

Tutorial- Assembling Chromatograms

Learn how to assemble and edit chromatograms for downstream analyses.

Tutorial- DNA Forensics

The aim of this module is to edit and analyse some “raw” DNA sequence data to determine the origin of a biological sample from a wildlife forensic case.

Geneious is an absolutely beautiful package to work with. We love it and we are telling everyone about it.
Charles MooreNovartis Pharma AG, Switzerland