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Non-Commercial Personal Plans

For an individual user only. Activates Geneious on up to three of the user’s computers, but only runs on one at a time.

1 Year


3 Years


Save $190

5 Years


Save $380

Non-Commercial Floating Plans

For sharing with your team. Activates unlimited computers but limits simultaneous users to number of seats purchased.

1 Year


3 Years


Save $490

5 Years


Save $980

All pricing is in US Dollars, and excludes local taxes that may apply.
A US$25 handling fee applies for purchase orders and proforma invoices.
Full terms can be found in the license agreement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I renew my subscription license?

  • Select your new license plan above
  • Fill in your payment details
  • Check the “Is this a subscription renewal?’ box
  • Enter the start date for your new subscription (the day after your current expiry date)

What happens when my subscription license expires?

Geneious reverts to restricted mode when the subscription has expired. In restricted mode you can view your data and import and export your files, however most other functions are disabled.

What is the difference between a personal and floating license?

A personal license is for individual use only so you will need a separate license for each user. Geneious can be activated on up to three of the users computers, but will only run on one at a time. A floating license is for groups that are sharing licenses. The number of seats purchased equals the maximum number of simultaneous users.

How do I upgrade my perpetual license?

If you are currently on a version-based perpetual license, an upgrade to R11 can be purchased at a discount or you can switch to a subscription based licensing plan. Visit the Upgrade Geneious page to upgrade your license.

What support is offered?

For help using Geneious multiple learning resources and access to our scientific support team is available directly from within Geneious or by visiting the support website.

Our technology team is also hard at work behind the scenes monitoring changes to operating systems and external databases, such as NCBI, and issuing updates to Geneious as required.

Can I pay by purchase order?

Yes. Email a purchase order with the licensee’s name and email address to A US$25 handling fee applies.