Get access to the world’s most cited sequence analysis software on a plan that works for you.

Personal Plans
For individual use only. Activates Geneious on up to three computers.
Subscription Perpetual
$395 / year
$395 prepaid
Subscription Plan Perpetual R11 License
Access to all new versions, updates and support for subscription period. Access to R11 only. Upgrades have to be purchased to access future releases.
Floating Plans
For sharing with your team. Activates unlimited computers but limits simultaneous users.
Subscription Perpetual
$995 /seat/year
$995 prepaid
$2500 /seat
Subscription Plan Perpetual R11 License
Access to all new versions, updates and support for subscription period. Access to R11 only. Upgrades have to be purchased to access future releases.

All pricing is in US Dollars, and excludes local taxes that may apply.
A US$25 handling fee applies for purchase orders and proforma invoices.

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Upgrading Geneious

Explore options for upgrading to R11 for existing license holders

Upgrade Geneious

Purchasing frequently asked questions

Details on licensing, upgrade and payment options

Subscription licenses ensure that you always have access to the latest version of Geneious and any fixes that are needed (eg. re-establishing NCBI connection after updates). You will receive new versions annually (R12, R13, etc), updates (R10.1) and support for the entire subscription period.

A perpetual R11 license will give you unlimited access to Geneious R11 and R11 updates (R11.1). Fixes to R11 will only be released for the 2 years that R11 is in support. To upgrade to a newer version you must purchase an upgrade. Upgrades are available for 50% of the new license list price.

Approximately once a year, a new Geneious version is released. A new version (eg R11) has new features, functionality and improvements. If you do not have a valid subscription you must purchase an upgrade to use a newer version.

Our development team support the two most current versions of Geneious and will release updates (eg R11.1) to these versions. If you have purchased this version the update is free.

You can read the release history at the Previous Versions Page.

If you are on a version-based license plan, a new version upgrade can be purchased at 50% of the current version-only price or you can switch to a subscription based licensing plan. Visit the Upgrade Geneious page to upgrade your license.

You can renew your subscription easily online up to 60 days before your current license expires:

  • Select the license plan you want to purchase
  • On the Billing Information page check the "Is this a subscription renewal?' box
  • Enter the start date for your new subscription (the day after your current expiry date)
  • Fill in the rest of your payment details
  • You will receive your new license key via email
  • Enter the license key into Geneious and continue working with no disruption

Geneious reverts back to restricted mode when the subscription has expired. You will receive a reminder before the expiration date. In restricted mode you can view your data and import and export your files, however most other functions are disabled.

A personal license is designed for individual use. Geneious can be activated on a maximum of three machines, but will only run on one machine at a time.

A floating license is best for groups that are sharing resources. The number of floating licenses purchased equals the maximum number of simultaneous users. The best package will depend on your group’s usage requirements.

Support consists of both scientific and technical support and can be accessed directly via Geneious or by visiting the support website. All support services are undertaken by highly qualified staff with deep domain expertise.

Scientific support gives you greater understanding of functionality and how to work with Geneious to achieve your goals. From basic functions such as importing sequence data and calling bases, through to more applied activities such as NGS data analysis, constructing phylogenetic trees or designing primers, we have scientific experts available to guide you.

Technical support is for technology related issues that affect your use of Geneious. For example, we actively monitor changes to supported operating systems and external databases such as NCBI and issue updates to Geneious if required. We will also review any specific issues you experience and offer our perspective on how best to address the matter, which occasionally results in a change to Geneious itself.

Yes, both the student licenses and the trial license allow you to use the full functionality of Geneious.

Yes. Email a purchase order from your university or company, with the intended licensee's name and email address, to