Explore our educational resources to advance your knowledge of Geneious Prime, molecular biology and sequence analysis.

Getting Started

Master the basics of Geneious Prime with short video tutorials covering all you need to get up and running from importing your data to aligning your first sequences.

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Learn Geneious Prime

Tutorials and videos on all aspects of Geneious Prime.
You’ve conquered the basics – now it is time to take your knowledge to the next level.

Assembly and Mapping

Learn how to assemble and map NGS reads and chromatogram sequences.

NGS and Sanger Sequence Analysis

Learn how to perform downstream analyses including expression analysis and amplicon metagenomics.

Alignment and Tree Building

Learn how to do multiple alignments, bacterial genome alignments and build phylogenetic trees.

Cloning, CRISPR and Primer Design

Learn how to design primers, simulate cloning and find and analyze CRISPR sites.

BLAST,  GenBank and Automation

Learn how to set up automated workflows, BLAST search and connect to GenBank.

APIs and Customization

Learn how to extend Geneious Prime with your own plugins, algorithms or workflows.