Clustering and Filtering NGS Datasets

One of the key elements in leveraging large NGS datasets in antibody discovery is clustering and filtering data. Geneious Biologics equips you with the ability to filter and group sequences according to your specific requirements.

Select the Sequences That Matter

Geneious Biologics comes with a customizable system for filtering data that gives you the ability to assess whether a sequence is suitable for further research. Assign common sequence attributes with asset and liability scores and Geneious Biologics will use this information to create tables allowing you to quickly gauge a sequence’s potential.

Efficiently Compare Clusters

Compare sequences from multiple experiments within Geneious Biologics and minimize the risk of missing vital differences. Geneious Biologics generates graphs for easy reference helping you to visualize trends.

Link Assay and Sequence Data

Important information from assays can be linked directly to sequences by uploading CSV or Excel documents. This means that you no longer need to rely on disparate spreadsheets and important information is stored in the same location, giving you a more complete picture.

Focus on Areas of Interest

Choose how to cluster data according to your preferences and regions of interest, and Geneious Biologics will quickly generate tables. Re-clustering allows you to adjust similarity thresholds.

Reference Databases

Standard databases are built into Geneious Biologics. Custom databases can be added accordingly.

Often you have to shoehorn a software solution into your process, the adaptability of Geneious Biologics was something we liked a lot. Once we knew what we could do with Geneious Biologics there was no other viable option.
Liuhong Chen, Ph.D.Discovery Biology Team Leader at Bicycle Therapeutics