Geneious Prime

DNA Sequence Alignment

Sequence alignment, visualization, and editing. Select from multiple algorithms including ClustalO, MUSCLE, MAFFT and LASTZ.

Sequence alignment, visualization, and editing

  • Show annotations on the alignment and edit at the same time
  • Drag to remove or insert gaps
  • Join sequences together
  • Strip columns
  • Type directly into an alignment
  • Correct bad calls
  • Viewing and coloring by translation alongside allows you to correct coding sequences
  • View phylogeny alongside the alignment and link back to a tree
  • Similarity and sequence logo graphs
  • Real-time updates to the statistics panel (real-time) update according to selection
  • Spot disagreements easily with highlighting

Access multiple DNA alignments in one software

Select from a variety of alignment algorithms without leaving Geneious Prime. Alignments include:

  • The Geneious Aligner
  • Clustal Omega
  • Local Re-alignment
  • Pairwise alignment
  • Translation Align
  • Consensus Align
  • MAFFT (available as a plugin)
  • MAUVE (available as a plugin)
  • LastZ (available as a plugin)

Your data your way

No matter what alignment you choose, the data is still yours to edit and annotate in a way that works for you.

Better genome alignments are just a few clicks away.

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