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Antibody NGS Data Analysis

Geneious Biologics’ powerful cloud computing platform quickly and accurately analyzes NGS data, helping you better understand the diversity and quality of your antibody libraries and immune repertoires.


  • Analyze millions of NGS raw antibody sequences in minutes
  • QC/trim, assemble, merge paired end data
  • Preview, annotate and compare NGS sequences with no manual intervention
  • Automatically validate sequences – define your own rules
  • Search and filter on large NGS datasets
  • Cluster and index annotated NGS sequences
  • Show cluster diversity and region length plots


  • Compare NGS data sets and plot results of germline, diversity and region frequency
  • Inspect individual sequences in large data sets using the intuitive sequence viewer
  • Identify outliers, see cluster and sequence distribution with scatter plots
  • Visualize interesting clusters and sequences with sequence viewer
  • Look at amino acid variability with (aa) composition plots
  • Show relationships between genes in sequences with heat map graphs
  • Leverage versatile stack bar charts/histogram capability to quickly understand trends


  • Spot high-level trends in large scale antibody NGS datasets
  • Drill down into individual sequences
  • Achieve deep understanding of your antibody data
  • Accelerate precision antibody discovery

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