Searching and BLAST

Rapidly search all key databases at NCBI for literature, DNA and protein sequence information or set up automated agents to do the searching for you.

Geneious Prime connects you to external scientific databases
  • NCBI
  • PubMed
  • GenBank
  • UniProt
  • Broad Institute
  • InterPro Scan
  • PlasmoDB and PiroplasmaDB
Submit sequences directly to GenBank

Geneious Prime features a GenBank Submission plugin that simplifies the process of submitting sequences, genomes, features, primers traces and more.

BLAST sequences locally or against NCBI
  • BLAST search against sequences stored in various online databases at NCBI with results returned directly into Geneious Prime
  • Set up a local database with all your sequence data and BLAST it locally with our custom multi-threaded BLAST implementation
  • Batch BLAST an arbitrarily large data set against a local database and bin on the basis of ‘hit’ vs ‘no hit’ to keep only those sequences that you want
Intuitively search your own database
  • Search downloaded content by any metadata field or use the dynamic filter box to fine-tune your search results to rapidly find the documents you’re after
  • Search for sequences based on any of the available meta-data fields including Accession ID, organism name and taxonomy
  • Create boolean searches to enhance the specificity of your searches
Find the journals in PubMed specific to your research
  • Search PubMed by author, title or abstract content and have the references saved directly into a local folder
  • Automate hourly, daily, weekly or monthly searches for any data type. Have the results delivered to a local folder.



BLAST, GenBank and Automation

Watch videos and complete tutorials to learn how to set up automated workflows, BLAST search and connect to GenBank.

Tutorial: BLAST Searching

Learn how to BLAST your sequence against GenBank, NCBI or custom databases to find similar sequences.

Tutorial: GenBank Submission

Learn how to correctly format sequences and alignments for submission to GenBank using the Geneious GenBank Submission tool.

Tutorial: Accessing GenBank

Learn how to access information stored in the GenBank database through the Geneious interface.


Sanger Sequence Analysis

Trim, assemble, and view Sanger sequencing trace files. Powerful SNP detection and variant calling.

Molecular Cloning

View plasmid maps, annotate vectors, find restriction sites; digest, ligate, and perform Golden Gate, Gibson, and Gateway cloning.


Find CRISPR sites, design guide RNAs and analyze your editing results

Import Data

Import and convert common file types as well as their annotations and notes with a simple drag and drop

I am using Geneious daily. For me the best feature is the ability of this software to easily archive bibliographic study and to keep it in front of my eyes.
Dr. Thomas DesfougeresLesaffre International, France