Mastery of Biology

We empower our customers to achieve a mastery of biology with software that transforms biological data into knowledge and actionable insights.

About us

Biomatters was founded in 2003 with a mission to create bioinformatics solutions for the analysis, interpretation, and application of molecular sequence data.

Headquartered in New Zealand with offices in United States and Denmark, and users in 125 countries worldwide, our solutions enhance productivity in over 4,000 universities, research institutes and organizations.

We specialize in creating powerful, integrated and visually appealing bioinformatics solutions, with a strong emphasis on ease of use and overall user experience.

Dedicated to excellence

Our solutions have won a number of prestigious awards, including:

  • 2007 – Computerworld Excellence Awards for Innovative Use of ICT
  • 2007 – United Nations World Summer Awards and Winner in the e-Science Category
  • 2009 – Recruit IT Innovative Software Product Award at the PriceWaterhouseCoopers Hi-Tech Awards
  • 2009 – Global Finalist in the IT and Informatics category at the Bio-IT World Awards in Boston
  • 2012 – Microsoft Hi-Tech Emerging Company Award
  • 2015 – Best of Show Finalist at the Bio-IT World Awards in Boston


Geneious Prime

A powerful and comprehensive suite of molecular biology and NGS analysis tools.

First released in 2005, Geneious Prime is the world’s most cited sequence analysis platform. Geneious Prime takes you from data to discovery faster with an an easy-to-use interface, industry-leading tools, and intuitive data management – all within one customizable and extendable platform. With Geneious Prime, any researcher working with sequencing data has immediate access to a wide-range of essential features and world-class support.

Further information at Geneious Prime.

Geneious Biologics

A next-generation cloud solution purpose-built for commercial antibody discovery and screening.

Geneious Biologics has been specifically designed and purpose-built, in collaboration with industry partners, as an enterprise solution for commercial antibody discovery and screening. The platform is flexible and customizable to integrate with specific customer data requirements and workflows.

Delivered through a modern intuitive, user-friendly web interface, the platform provides a fully managed data platform and informatics system in a secure cloud computing infrastructure. The architecture of the software delivers scalable data management and computation, enabling organizations to increase their process efficiencies and thus accelerate their drug discovery.

Further information at Geneious Biologics.


Brett Ammundsen, Chief Executive Officer

After gaining his PhD in chemistry and physics from Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand, Brett worked as a research scientist in Montpellier, France, specializing in solid state molecular dynamics and computer modelling. He then returned to New Zealand to help incubate technology start-up businesses focusing on scientific applications. He has published more than 25 peer-reviewed papers and is co-author of several patents.

Chris Duran, Chief Technology Officer

Chris is skilled in identifying industry trends and defining products that meet the needs of users in the biotechnology space. He is responsible for executive leadership of the product and technology teams. He holds a PhD in bioinformatics from The University of Queensland.

Geneious is paramount in my research so I can’t be without it for too long.
Bob LitermanIowa State University