Biomatters’ Geneious software applications enable scientists to work with the DNA at the core of their research. Geneious Prime and Geneious Biologics take away the pain of data management and computational complexity, allowing scientists to focus on their research.


Integrated Bioinformatics Solutions

In the past decade, the digitization of biological research has accelerated, and the science of biology has increasingly moved from the lab to the computer. Biomatters aims to ease that process for scientists, allowing them to stay focused on science, while software handles the data management.

Biomatters creates powerful, integrated and visually appealing bioinformatics solutions, with a strong emphasis on ease of use and overall user experience. We are the market leaders in bioinformatics, constantly iterating and innovating to ensure our software solutions deliver everything our customers need.

Headquartered in New Zealand with offices in the United States, and users in 125 countries worldwide, our solutions enhance productivity in more than 4,000 universities, research institutes and businesses.