Geneious Cloud

All of your data, notes and processes readily accessible across your team in a secure, access controlled way.

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Collaboration. Simplified.

Share & Collaborate

Streamline your collaboration effortlessly across projects by keeping everyone in sync with controlled access to your team’s data.

Centralize & Organize

Effortlessly manage your projects within the Geneious Cloud Workspace by utilizing shared folders, private folders, or your personalized folder. Consolidate all your data and notes in a single location, simplifying your workflow and minimizing the need to toggle between data sources and send files. 

Accessibility & Security

Ensure your data is securely backed up and accessible globally from any licensed copy of Geneious Prime. Our ISO-27001 certified cloud platform safeguards your work every step of the way without the need for in-house servers or system administration.



How to start using Geneious Cloud

Learn how to set yourself up for success using Geneious Cloud.


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