Transform your Antibody Discovery Pipeline

Geneious Biologics is a flexible, scalable, and secure way to streamline your antibody analysis workflows, create high-quality libraries and select the optimal therapeutic candidates.

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Meet the Industry’s Leading Cloud-Based Antibody Discovery Solution

Geneious Biologics provides advanced analytics and intuitive visualizations for a wide range of antibody-like molecules, helping you to extract the maximum value from NGS, Single Cell, and Sanger datasets.

Annotated Sanger Antibody Sequences

Innovative Algorithms, Unprecedented Accuracy

Annotate and validate your sequences with easy-to-use, accurate, and scalable analytics pipelines.

Our streamlined, configurable workflows ensure consistent and reliable results.

Accelerated Candidate Selection

Significantly speed up candidate selection by leveraging datasets of all sizes, from Sanger to NGS to Single Cell.

All sequence data can be imported, assembled, annotated and analyzed in a single collaborative workspace.

Superior Visualizations

Unlock valuable insights with interactive visualizations, statistics, and search tools.

Explore clonotypes, discover patterns, and generate rich visualizations by combining sequences, trees, liabilities and assay data.

Powerful Tools for Antibody Sequence Annotation and Analysis

Annotate and Analyze

Efficiently analyze Sanger and NGS datasets, and annotate various antibody types including mAb, Fab, scFv, VHH, TCR, and VH/ VL pairs.

Annotate CDR/FR Regions from germline or custom databases. Highlight sequence features, assets, and liabilities.

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Identify Statistical Trends

Cluster sequences by regions or clonotype and group functionally similar sequences.

Identify dominant clones. Compare frequencies across samples.

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Visualize and Discover

Integrate assay data, and search and filter using powerful queries.

View interactive graphs, trees, and alignments. Build reports with tables, graphs and comments.

Protect Your Data and Enable Seamless Collaboration

Sharing and Collaboration

Collaborate with team members and share results on a secure and reliable cloud computing platform.

Highly Configurable

Search for sequences in a central database, and import and export data seamlessly.

Connect important in-house tools, including LIMS, and directly share files with Geneious Prime.

Data Security

Data integrity and security is of utmost importance and we are committed to ensuring customer data is hosted in the most secure environment possible.

We have been awarded the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 27001:2013 certification.

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Explore Geneious Biologics

Geneious Academy

Master Geneious and key concepts in bioinformatics and antibody discovery. Watch videos and complete tutorials on all aspects of Geneious with FREE unlimited access to online courses.

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Analysis of Antibody Sequences

Free Antibody Annotator Tool

Geneious Biologics provides a free online solution for annotation of IgG-like molecules allowing you to upload, analyze and visualize individual antibody sequences.

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“Geneious Biologics is a true one-stop destination for any type of antibody sequencing data analysis.”

– Dr. Arkadiusz Oleksy, Principal Scientist & Team Leader at LifeArc