Therapeutic Antibody Discovery

Screen and manage antibody sequence data in the cloud.

Geneious Biologics is the power behind precision antibody discovery

Significantly speed up candidate selection by leveraging vast datasets, including NGS outputs

Visualize results with a user friendly interface and purpose-built pipelines that optimize the antibody screening process

Transform data management and increase process efficiency with data consolidated in a secure and shareable cloud environment

Scalable IT infrastructure with access to a whole team of bioinformaticians, scientists and IT

A better system for sequence data

Stop relying on piecemeal systems that routinely break. Geneious Biologics consolidates data in a secure and shareable cloud environment, speeding up candidate selection and ensuring reproducibility.

Precise tools to speed up development

Struggling with suboptimal processes? Geneious Biologics comes with purpose-built pipelines that have been created specifically for optimizing the antibody screening process. Start visualizing results using a specialized and user-friendly interface.

Get the most from next generation sequencing

Generating more high-throughput data should not be a barrier. Geneious Biologics equips you with the ability to filter and group sequences according to your specific requirements creating more opportunities to find the next star candidate.

Great minds choose Geneious Biologics

“IONTAS had a requirement for processing large quantities of data from both our service based antibody discovery projects and our internal developments. Geneious Biologics delivered a software solution that has significantly improved the efficiency and scope of our sequence analysis workflows during therapeutic antibody discovery.”

– Peter Slavny, Group Leader at IONTAS