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Geneious Prime puts industry-leading bioinformatics and molecular biology tools directly into researchers hands, streamlining sequence analysis and insights.

Meet the World’s Leading Bioinformatics Software

Geneious has all the molecular biology and sequence analysis tools your organization needs. Whether you are looking to enhance productivity, increase visibility and insights, or reduce errors and risk — our platform unlocks the value in your lab’s data.

Increase productivity

We believe researchers shouldn’t have to possess programming skills to uncover new scientific knowledge.

Geneious makes bioinformatics accessible by providing an intuitive, user-friendly interface that transforms raw sequence data into meaningful visualizations.

Enhance visibility
and insights

Geneious is packed with essential tools for molecular cloning, genomics and sequence analysis.

Industry-leading algorithms, powerful analyses and superior visualizations allow you to gain critical insights while exploring your data.

Increase collaboration

Centralize sequence data management and analysis in one platform. Store and organize your sequences alongside analysis results and NCBI data.

Transform collaboration across teams with intuitive folder-based organization and a seamlessly integrated shared database.

Reduce errors and risk

Create automated workflows. Extend with plugins and add your own custom algorithms. Integrate with existing systems and directly share files between Geneious Prime and Geneious Biologics.

Make Geneious work for you to increase efficiency, control business processes, and reduce human error in your research.

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CRISPR in Geneious Prime


  • Simple yet powerful tool for editing genomes
  • Locate and assess target sites quickly
  • Confidently pick the most specific guide RNA
  • Easily analyze your NGS editing results

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Phylogenetic tree building
Align sequences, then build and analyze phylogenetic trees using your choice of peer-reviewed algorithms with simple one click methods.

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Discover what’s new in Geneious Prime 2023.2
Highlights include a De Novo Assembly algorithm advisor, exporting lengths graph data and improvements to STAR RNA-seq aligner.

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Cloning, CRISPR & Primer Design
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Assembly and Mapping
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NGS & Sanger Sequence Analysis
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Transform your antibody discovery

Extract maximum value from your large antibody sequence datasets. Experience the power of innovative, cloud-based software designed to enrich your analysis, increase insights and speed up your candidate selection process.

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