Geneious Biologics - December 2022

Biologics December 2022 was released on December 01, 2022.

Over the past few months we have been working on some exciting new features for Geneious Biologics. These include:

Numbering Schemes

Previously, Geneious Biologics supported CDR definitions and numbering for IMGT only. The CDRs could also be defined using Kabat, but numbering was not supported. We now support numbering and CDR definitions for Kabat, Chothia, Martin and AHo.

See our main article for more information on the various numbering schemes, as well as an introduction to numbering schemes in general.

Streamlined Extract/Export

We have re-vamped our exporting process to allow for easier and more intelligent sequence extraction. The new Export/Extract functions allow you to trim and export translated regions as well as select representative sequences from the Cluster Tables.

Please see our main article on Exporting Annotated Sequences and Sequence Tables for more details.

From the new Extract/Export dropdown you can now choose to export the translated or untranslated:

  • V(D)J region(s)
  • V(D)JC region(s)
  • scFv region(s)

There are also additional options for extracting sequences from the Cluster Tables, including:

  • Extract Representative Sequence (by Liability Score)
  • Extract Representative Sequence (per Exact Cluster)
  • Extract Representative Sequence (by count)
  • Extract Clustered Region only

Extract & Recluster

This feature allows you to take a subset of sequences from a Biologics Annotator Result Document and create a new Biologics Annotator Result document with re-calculated clusters. It can be found in the Extract/Export dropdown.

See our main article on Extract and Recluster for more information.

Import Sequences from .csv and excel files

You can now import your sequences from .csv or .xlsx files. This includes importing sequences as paired chains when the heavy and light sequences can be found on the same row.

See our main article on this for more information: Uploading Files

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