Geneious Biologics - July 2021

Biologics July 2021 was released on July 07, 2021.

In the last few months we have focused on improving visualizations and overall usability in Geneious Biologics. Here are some highlights from our latest round of updates:

Moving Folders

You can now rearrange your project and experiment folder structure by simply dragging folders within the folder tree. Moving a folder will also move all files and subfolders, so for big changes this is much quicker than moving each file individually! Sharing permissions will also update to reflect the folder's new location. Because of this, to move a folder into a different base-level folder you will need to have Full level access permission for that folder.

Antibody Annotator Graphs

  • Gene Combination Heatmap and Gene Family Usage graphs are now available in the Graphs tab for Annotation Results. These were popular graphs in our Pipeline Report, now they are more easily viewable, and can be exported in png or csv formats.
  • Amino Acid Distribution plots now support different color options, which match those available in the Sequence Viewer and Sequence Logos. We have also improved highlighting when interacting with the data points.
  • Amino Acid Distribution plots now have toggle-able single letter Amino Acid code labels.
  • Mouse-over tooltips are clearer and contain more information (most graphs).

Alignments and Sequence Logos

  • Sequence Logo plots (found in Alignments) are now exportable both in png and csv formats.
  • "Combine duplicates" option added to alignments. This option combines sequences with the same nucleotide/amino acid sequence over the aligned region. You are able to view how many duplicates were present for each sequence in the alignment, and their names. This is particularly useful when aligning a particular region or combination of regions over many sequences in a dataset.
  • Sequence Logos are now "smart", and the values shown reflect the actual total of sequences that contribute to each amino acid at each position. For example, they take duplicate sequences into account, as well as the number of sequences in each cluster (if aligning from a cluster table).

Sequence Image Export

By popular request, we have upgraded the Sequence Viewer image export tool. It can now reliably generate images from much larger alignments or sets of sequences. It also runs in the background, so you can continue your analysis while the image is created.


We have a public REST API available for facilitating automated upload of sequences into Geneious Biologics. This is intended to supplement the capabilities of our web application, which will continue to be our main focus. More information can be found HERE. Please get in touch with us if you have any requests for future API endpoints.

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