Geneious Biologics - May 2022

Biologics May 2022 was released on May 02, 2022.

New Clustering Features

The Clustering Options for Antibody Annotator now look a little different, and allow you to customize clusters right in Antibody Annotator without the need for re-clustering. You can now easily make multi region and gene combination clusters, as well as specify percent thresholds and similarity-based clusters.

Please see Clustering: Advanced Options to learn more

History Viewer

Any new analysis result/document produced by Biologics now has extra information tracked in the Info tab under History. This includes which user performed the analysis or uploaded the data, and (if applicable) the job parameters and reference database used.

Quick Analysis

The default home screen when you log in to Biologics is now called Getting Started for premium users. This page has a new Quick Analysis feature that allows you to annotate up to 24 sequences and find the germline genes.

Chain Combinations in Single Clone Antibody Analysis

When running Single Clone Antibody Analysis on barcoded data with a mix of Heavy and Light chains, Biologics will group Heavy and Light chains that have the same barcode together and determine the proportions of different chain pairs within each barcode. This Chain Combinations table is available from the Cluster Table drop-down menu. To learn more about this feature, see the "Understanding the results" section of NGS Tutorial 5. Single Clone Analysis from Separate Lists.

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