Geneious Biologics - May 2023

Biologics May 2023 was released on May 10, 2023.

Over the past few months we have been working on some exciting new features for Geneious Biologics. This includes:

Improved User Interface experience

We are very excited to show off our new user interface for accessing documents in Geneious Biologics. When selecting a document, the preview window allows you to inspect a summary of the documents, as well as quickly preview the sequences and tables.

Choosing Open Full Document immediately opens the document in a wide-view, as shown below:

You can also open your documents in a new tab quickly by selecting this button on the preview page:

Positional Liabilities based on antibody numbering schemes

We now support specifying custom liabilities and assets for specific points on IgG-like sequences, for example IMGT position 118F on the light chain. Please see our main article Positional Liabilities based on Antibody Numbering to learn more about our pre-set defaults and how to specify your own liabilities or assets.

Adding labels to a selection of sequences

Labels can now be added to a selection of sequences, rather than to individual sequences one-at-a-time. This allows you more easily save filtered sequences and selections for later. Please see our main article Using Custom Labels to learn more.

Clustering options added to Single Clone Antibody Analysis

The custom cluster widget previously only available when running Antibody Annotator has now been added to Single Clone Antibody Analysis. This allows users to specify both exact and inexact clusters, as will as multi-region/gene clusters in your initial analysis. Please see Clustering Options to learn more.

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