Prime 2019.1 was released on March 04, 2019.

What's New in Geneious Prime 2019.1?

Geneious Prime 2019 brings powerful analyses to increase accuracy and help transform collaboration.

Customizable Text View

GenBank format available for all individual sequences. Sequence layout format to alter wrapping, numbering, sequence color and presence of reverse complement and translation. Alignment layout to alter numbering, sequence color and highlighting of agreements/disagreements to consensus.

Primer Specificity

Primer specificity automatically tested within the template sequence when designing primers, and presence of any additional binding sites recorded on the primer annotation

Primer Design Improvements

Option to control the minimum distance between primers designed on the same strand – defaults to minimizing creation of duplicate primers when multiple primer pairs are designed together. Quick and easy primer pairing in the Sequence View to link two primers of your choice and calculate pair dimer Tm and product size.

Vector NTI Database Import

Easily import your complete Vector NTI database with simple drag and drop, for both Vector NTI Express and Advance databases.

Release Notes

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