Prime 2020.0 was released on November 04, 2019.

Geneious Prime 2020.0

Geneious Prime 2020 brings exciting new functionality to transform raw sequence data into meaningful visualizations.

Clustal Omega replaces ClustalW for better, faster alignments

Scale up your alignments with Clustal Omega, now included with Geneious Prime. The HMM alignment engine improves both quality and speed of alignments compared to the older ClustalW aligner.

Better back translate and codon optimization

New codon optimization algorithm lets you match the codon usage from your organism of choice by generating a new sequence, starting from either a protein or nucleotide sequence. Optionally eliminate rare codons and restriction sites.

More accurate annotation of CDS features onto your plasmids

Automatic annotation of plasmids is now smarter with adjustment of CDS boundaries to match the nearest valid ORF when annotating single-interval CDSs from your reference features database.

Long-read sequence mapping with Minimap2 (external plugin)

Fast and easy alignment of Oxford Nanopore and PacBio data to a reference sequence using an industry recommended tool, without the hassle of the command line

Add your favorite tools to Geneious with improved Wrapper Plugin system

Can’t wait for us to add your favorite command line aligner, tree builder or assembler? You might be able to add it yourself from right inside Geneious using the Wrapper Plugin Creator plugin. Coding skills are not required, though a good understanding of command line interfaces and file formats is.

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