Prime 2022.0 was released on November 15, 2021.

What's New in Geneious Prime 2022?

Annotate by BLAST

Automatically annotate your ORFs, CDS and mRNA regions using BLAST. Learn how to use Annotate by BLAST to annotate nucleotide sequences

Command Line Interface

Run Geneious Prime operations and workflows as part of your broader bioinformatic pipelines locally or execute on more powerful servers. Learn how to run Geneious operations via the command line

Dark Mode

Comfortably analyze your data at any time of the day or night with Geneious Prime in dark mode

Experimental Features

Try out features we are experimenting with and let us know your thoughts

Apply Optimized Codon

Easily add and remove optimized codons to your sequence

Manage Document Table Columns

Quickly organize your data with multiple column selection

Highlight Mismatching Bases

Highlight mismatching base calls in your chromatograms

Release Notes

View detailed Geneious Prime 2022.0 Release Notes

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