R10.0 was released on October 03, 2016.

Geneious R10.0

Smarter Restriction Cloning

Completely redesigned to be much simpler and more powerful. Includes automatic identification of compatible cut sites, and digestion and ligation with drag and drop ordering of fragments.

Alignment Masking

Mask unreliable alignment sites for better tree building, without deleting data. Manage alignment masking patterns using annotation tracks and automatically mask sites according to user defined criteria.

Improved Plasmid Viewer

The new circular overview option helps you stay oriented by showing the bases of the sequence and the plasmid map alongside each other with synchronized editing, selection and scrolling.

Chimera Filtering

Filter chimeric reads by comparing to a reference database, which can be any sequence list or alignment. Choose between the bundled public domain UCHIME algorithm or the faster USEARCH implementation.

Lineage View for Parent/Descendants

Lineage View is now easier to access as a separate tab and details about your cloning operations are shown right next to the relationships.

Assembly and Mapping

Better structural variant mapping, a new workflow to build SNP trees by applying variants to a reference and better de novo assembly of Ion Torrent, 454, and PacBio CCS data.

Release Notes

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