R10.1 was released on February 06, 2017.

Geneious R10.1

Improved Cloning

Gibson and Golden Gate now has sequence view of fragments within the options. Gibson assembly can now saves primers for easy ordering

Annotate from Database

Annotate nucleotide sequences from a protein database by comparing translations of the nucleotide sequence in all six frames with the protein database sequences

Zip Import

Zip files containing multiple files and sub-folders can now be imported

Sequence Viewer

Added ‘Copy Translation’ to translate selected regions of a nucleotide sequence (in right-click menu)

SPAdes de novo assembler

For MacOS/Linux: 64 bit OS is required. For Windows, 64 bit Windows 10 (with recent updates installed) is required. You also need to install additional Windows features (Instructions)

Find CRISPR Sites

Major performance improvements were made to the off-target scoring algorithm All CRISPR sites will now be scored against all potential off-target sites in every run

Scoring CRISPR sites against off-targets now takes a seed region into account. This is a 10 bp region adjacent to the PAM site that can tolerate a maximum of 2 mismatches and 0 indels

Release Notes

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