R6.0 was released on October 03, 2012.

Geneious R6.0

Latest Primer3 engine

Including brand new thermodynamic calculations that give you better stats on primers.

Automatic plasmid annotation

No more manual searching. New automatic plasmid annotation lets you sort through your data faster than ever before, saving your time and your eyesight.

Read Mapping

New fine-tuning algorithm quickly generates accurate results using less memory.

Enhanced Variant and SNP calling

Eliminate false variants, annotate average quality, find variations within specified annotations. dbDNP and db_xref annotations now hyperlinked.

Greater file format capability

More options for VCF, SWF, FASTQ, SAM/BAM and zipped files

New ‘info’ tab

View lineage, history and edit common fields in properties such as description and organism

Release Notes

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