R8.0 was released on September 08, 2014.

Geneious R8.0

16S Biodiversity Tool

A cloud-based tool that identifies high-throughput 16S rRNA amplicons from environmental samples using the RDP database, and visualizes biodiversity as interactive graphs and charts using a secure web viewer.

Sequence Classifier Plugin

Taxonomically classifies an organic sample by how similar its DNA is to your own database of known sequences using a BLAST-like algorithm with multiple loci and trees to assist with identification.


Locate potential CRISPR target sites using innovative heatmap-style annotations to assess sites based on off-target interaction.

Powerful NGS Assembly

Longer contigs, scaffolding and greater accuracy.

RNA-Seq Expression Analysis

Brand new functionality for transcriptomics!

Greater Workflow Configurability

New Genome finishing workflow and more options for creating custom workflows

Easier Plugin Development

Add your favourite algorithm, database or visualization to Geneious or write a plugin for your own new program and share it with the community

New Plugins

  • Extended functionality for tree building and viewing, alignment and assembly.
  • CRT – (by Chris Duran) Identifies existing known CRISPR sites in bacteria and archaea.
  • FLASH – (by Dave O’Connor)- Merge paired sequencing reads using FLASH
  • SeqPartitioner – (by Jed Barlow) – Partition allele multisets from multiple alignments
  • Augustus – (by Michael Thon) Predict genes using the Augustus algorithm.
  • EMBOSS Nucleotide Analysis – (previously bundled) Search for transcription factors, and predict protein coding regions.
  • EMBOSS Protein Analysis – (previously bundled) Predict secondary structure, antigenic regions and signal cleavage sites.
  • Go To Documents – Jump to documents by entering their unique IDs
  • Find Big Folders Workflow – List the size of all folders in your local database
  • Groovy Console – Opens a terminal window inside Geneious for scripting in the Groovy language.

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