R8.1 was released on March 02, 2015.

Geneious R8.1

Choicer chooser

Store commonly used sequences such as reference genomes, vectors and biological parts in separate folders from your working data, then easily choose them when you run Map to Reference or Gibson Assembly.

Sort by GC Content

All newly created nucleotide alignments, contigs, sequence lists, and sequences have a %GC field in the document table. Sequences in alignments, contigs and lists can be sorted by %GC.

Improved Primer Design for qPCR

Batch design primers for many regions within a single sequence in one step, great for qPCR design. Primer design and testing now have an option to match each sequence in an alignment (instead of just the consensus)

Extract more annotation information

Now you can select upstream, downstream and intergenic regions of matching annotations.

Mapping Qualities now included

Geneious mapper produces mapping qualities, SAM/BAM import/export handles mapping qualities, contig viewer displays mapping quality in status bar, added mapping quality color scheme

Integration with LIMS and external web-based systems

Geneious documents can now be opened by clicking a link in external web-based systems.

Easier Exporting for Newick and FASTA formats

Documents can now be exported in the compressed .fasta.gz and .fastq.gz formats. Export Tree documents: Export to newick format may now include bootstrap support values

New Plugins

  • Blast2GO – All in one functional annotation tool and annotation data analysis.
  • FreeBayes – Haplotype-based variant detector for single sample analysis.

Release Notes

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