Will it be easy to switch from Vector NTI to Geneious Prime?

Geneious Prime has a dedicated importer for Vector NTI databases that will preserve metadata, structure and lineage information from Vector NTI, so that your files will be organized in Geneious in the same way they were in Vector NTI. Once you’re in, you’ll find out how easy it is to manage your data and collaborate with your team with intuitive folder-based organization and a seamlessly integrated shared database.

Will it take long to learn how to use it?

The first thing people notice about Geneious is just how quickly they can get to work. The secret is our user-friendly interface. Plus we offer tutorials, help articles and on-site training.

Is Geneious supported?

We care a great deal about finding new ways to get science done faster and more efficiently. A new version is released annually. Patches and improvements are released constantly throughout the year to ensure Geneious always runs beautifully. Our support team is made up of people with both scientific and technical knowledge.

Will it work with the other tools I rely on?

It’s important to play nice with others. You can make the most of the tools you already have with a highly interoperable API, or configure and customize to your needs by adding your own algorithms, plugins and workflows. Geneious will quickly become the backbone of your research.

Can it do cloning and primer design?


Restriction Cloning




Primer Design

Primer Testing

Simulated PCR


Restriction Sites Annotation

Personalized Enzyme Sets

Codon Optimization

Silent Mutation Analysis

And all of this works alongside a full suite of essential molecular biology and NGS analysis tools

Sanger Sequence Analysis

Multiple Alignments

Variant Calling

NGS Analysis

Assembly & Mapping

Expression Analysis

Plasmid Annotation

Microsatellite Analysis

Much More

Who uses Geneious?

Geneious is used extensively by many of the world’s leading scientists and research institutes.

/100 Top Universities*
/25 Top Biotech

*We are eagerly awaiting the opening of the Department of Genomics at the London School of Economics

Start Your 14 Day Free Trial

What’s included in your free trial:
  • Access to full functionality of Geneious Prime for 14 days
  • Tutorials, help guides and a comprehensive knowledge base
  • Technical support from our applications scientists
  • Easy drag and drop to import your data
Comprehensive suite of sequence analysis tools:
  • Molecular cloning and primer design
  • NGS pre-processing and analysis
  • Data management and collaboration
  • Mapping and de novo assembly
  • Sequence alignment
  • Searching and BLAST
  • Variant calling and expression analysis
  • Microsatellite analysis