De Novo Assembly

Learn to perform de novo assembly of short-read NGS data and assemble circular contigs.

Course Content

De Novo Assembly of NGS Reads

Assemble paired-end data with the de novo assembler, compare full and normalized data sets, and view assembly results and consensus sequence.
5 minutes

Circular Contig Assembly

Create circular contigs with the Geneious de novo assembler for a more accurate assembly of circular genomes.
1 minute

Recommended Resources

Plugin - BBDuk Trimmer

Download the plugin for quality trimming and filtering your sequences.

Plugin - MAFFT

Download the plugin for fast and accurate multiple sequence alignment with MAFFT

Geneious de novo assembly advisor decision tree & validation table

Use the decision tree to identify the most appropriate assembly algorithm for your data.

Manual for De Novo Assembly

A guide to using the de novo assembly tools in Geneious.

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